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Cut flowers

Dahlias as Cut Flowers

Untill recently, dahlias had largely been overlooked as a cutflower,

as fashion often dictates with its "trends and fads". However florists,

wedding and event planners are rediscovering the dahlia's surprising variation and range in both colour and form, found in many of the newer varieties. Using these attributes they are now able to express their creative talent and flair in a unique and special way.            


            Having a wide colour range, flower size and form variation able to compliment a wide range of events and themes, dahlias are unsurpassed in the plant world.


With a vase life of 5/6 days with care, their amazing display and shelf life is broad enough to allow adequate preparation for the events display, and more.


Many varieties of Dahlias can be used as cut flowers, though certain flowers naturally lend themselves with certain growth habits for different situations.



Some varieties grow longer stems making them ideal for a tall vase display

Medium stems for bouquets and short stems and smaller blooms are ideal for use in corsage and buttonhole arrangements.

Waterlilly types look exquisite displayed as table arrangements floating in a bowl of water

Mixed flower heads, with no stem, were ordered for a floral carpet "aisle" at an open air function, coordinating and complimenting the flower colour with the bridal party.

Shorter stems for table arrangements

            Available from the Auckland Flower Auction* markets from mid December to the end of April (depending on seasonal variations) for events, weddings, parties and any event where you require quality blooms in large quantities.

* United Flower Growers, Monahan Rd Mt Wellington

Commission buyers - (based at the flower auction venues and regular Dahlia buyers)

Bloombrokers -  Debbie/Pip Ph 09 5730023

Freshcut - Connie/Natalie or the handsome Robbie Ph 09 9185333

UFG Wholesale - Amanda Ph 09 5732316

Bulk Cut Flowers

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Floral Art

Levin national Show 2013 arrangements by Linda from Dahlia Haven

Bloom Sizes as per National Dahlia Society of NZ

 (variety normal growth habit)

Pompom           not exceeding 50mm

Mini                  not exceeding 115mm

Small                between 115mm and 155mm

Medium             between 155mm and 200mm

Large                between 200mm and 250mm

Giant                over 250mm