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        2019 Collection Specials

Collections are varieties of our choice, 10x (Ten) tubers from our large range with postage/freight charges extra on all collections

Picking Collection $100

            Do you love picking flowers for the the house, church, brighten up Mums retirement home, daughters wedding, Grandma's bach....? This collection of ten tubers (and get1x for free) are selected from our longer stem varieties and are ideal for floral work and a vase. The more you cut off blooms, the more they send up new shoots and produce more buds.


Bee Collection $85

            Want to attract bumble bees? Honey bees? Monarch butterflies? This collection with their bright petal colours and pollen will attract them all (and admiration from the neighbours). The variety of design and form is absolutely awesome. When blooms are spent, cut them off to encourage new bud development.



Jumble Bumble $80

            A collection of mixed dahlias plants, unlabelled from our collection of over 20,000 tubers that have had their labels misplaced/lost/jumbled up (it wasn't me that did it...) Once flowering you may be able to identify the plants using our online colour catalogue, but we are dropping these off at a discounted price only as long as the limited supply of jumbled stock last.