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December 6th 2020  An interesting start to the season, with prolific growth making us about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal patterns. Picking is well underway and the plants are looking really good. Temperatures were cooler in early November, but are now reaching 28C during the day with high Auckland/Northland humidity. The ground was quickly drying out with the winds, and watering has already started. Buds are coming on well and its important to keep up with disbudding and removing spent flower heads to maintain the good growth. Keep an eye out for bugs and with the rain showers coming through in other areas (never here it seems) watch for any mildews. Have a good season

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    Welcome to Dahlia Haven

Nationwide suppliers of cut Dahlia Flowers & Tubers

 Tuber orders for next season are taken from Jan 1st 2020.

Our new catalogue will be online for download in the next few weeks

A short clip taken 6/12/2020 by a cameraman who judging by the jerking movement of the camera, must have had a wooden leg or a stone in his shoe. Apologies for the background noise...its all the traffic heading to town for their early morning coffee's, or the gymn, before they write to the papers complaining about what farming does to the environment, while we deal with all their noise, fumes and rubbish dropped out their windows and blown from the motorway.

 NZ Show dates 2020


Dont forget the big Dahlia Garden & House tour in MAUNGATUROTO February 22nd & 23rd 2020.

A fundraiser for Alzheimers Northland with details available on their website and facebook pages